Junior Club

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Teenagers need their own space, a way to engage with the BLBC that suits their growing independence, and the freedom to make their own fun. The BLBC Junior Club enables teenage members to remain part of the fun atmosphere they have grown to know and love during their summers as campers.
As a Junior Club participant, you can:
  • Choose from a variety of organized afternoon activities
  • Access the Junior Club room (reserved just for teens)
  • Choose to be a counsellor-in-training (CIT); learn more and register at CIT Program
The Junior Club is coordinated by a staff member who supervises the CIT Program and helps organize afternoon activities on and off site for all teenage members. The activities are à la carte, and you will be notified about any fees prior to signing up.


Every Monday before the Junior Club’s first afternoon activity, we will meet in the the Junior Club room in order to decide on some of the weekly activities.  This is to give the teens participating in the the Junior Club a chance voice their opinion on which activities they would partake in and also which days they would prefer to do said activity.  The idea is for them to have more flexibility and not have to abide by a strict schedule.  Despite this, some of the activities will be locked in on a weekly basis to keep some structure, i.e. wake boarding lessons.
– Wakeboarding/waterskiing lessons once a week every Thursday starting at 1 pm, and ends later afternoon (3:30-4 pm) depending on the amount of children participating. Cost of 55$ when less then 5 children signed up and 50$ when 5 or more participants.
– Canoe trips to the marina, children bring their money for lunch. (approx 20$)
– Outdoor movie nights, Friday evenings. Snacks such as popcorn and some candy will be provided and rides back home can be provided by the head of junior club. Cost of 20$
– Bonfire, smores & music, Tuesday after BBQ. Cost of 5$
– Bromont water park outings, dates TBD. Cost of 60$ (Help needed for transportation)
– Go-karting, price & dates TBD. (Help needed for transportation)
– July 12th get-together at Mary Gallery’s. (swimming in pond, afternoon BBQ, tennis, etc…)
To stay informed about the Junior Club activities this summer, please contact the BLBC Manager at manager@clublacbrome.com