CIT Program

Too old to be a camper, but not old enough to be a counsellor? If you are between 13 (by September 31st)** and 16 years of age, our Counsellor in Training program is for you!

Learn the basics of camp counselling while having fun! Get a head start on developing important job skills. The purpose of this program is to provide qualified teens with the tools and skills necessary to become outstanding camp counsellors in the future. CITs assist counsellors with the various camp activities during the mornings, and are free to enjoy the Club in the afternoon and can choose to partake in BLBC Junior Club activities.

Individuals must complete the registration form to be considered for the program. Participants may sign up for any number of weeks of camp sessions. Consult the calendar for dates or see the form below. CITs are trained under the guidance of experienced camp leaders. A CIT is an unpaid position. There are no fees to join the CIT program. Hours spent in the CIT program may qualify toward high school volunteer requirements.

 Counsellor in Training Program Requirements:
  • Maturity, responsibility and enthusiasm are critical requirements for candidates for this program. CITs are expected to adhere to the club code of conduct at all times.
  • **Aged 13 (by September 31st) to 16 at the start of camp

CIT Registration Form

  • Teen's Information

  • Please enter a value between 13 and 16 (by September 30th 2017)
  • (Enter a number from 7 to 12)
  • I would like to register in the CIT Program for the following weeks

    (from 9h00 am to 12h00 pm)
  • Qualifications

  • Conditions or Concerns

    (Parents are responsible for informing the BLBC manager of any special conditions or precautions.)
  • Parent's Information

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  • Please provide the names and numbers of 2 other people (besides parents) to contact in case of emergency

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